I have seen what is regret,  I have decided to remember “rebreath”.

What is regret for me? Regret is an state of deshonesty, that occurs when I am not present, and I have to take responsability for each breath, so I have to rebreath. There is much more than this, there is this feeling that still comming, and it’s very hard, when it’s done and you can’t do anything, it’s something that has no solution, you sometimes bury yourself in that, and what you have to do is feed with that same energy, who you really are, who you deserve to be. Regret can’t go away, I would be very dissapointed if it just… dissapeared, regret is there for something, is there for you to learn, regret is your friend.

When I find myself in regret, I have to check if who I am in this moment, seeing regret, is who I was the moment the regret was created, and then apply self responsability for each breath. So the question is, who am I? I am just me, expressing myself in oness and equality and supporting me and those around me. Regret is an state that I do not desire for myself, and for that, in every moment I must walk my process effectively.

So what is regret? Regret is me learning that I deserve to be who I really am, and bringing me, the one who doesn’t regret, the one who acts according to his honesty, the one who is learning how to be who he really is, the one that can see his past and be proud of it.

Rebreath to never regret.



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